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First company in Asia to receive Wa'ed investment

Terra Drone receives investmentfrom the venture capital arm ofAramco

Terra Drone receivesinvestment from the venturecapital arm of Aramco

Since 2016, Saudi Arabia has advanced the Saudi Vision 2030, an economic reform initiative aimed at building a sustainable economy that seeks to stimulate technological advancement, and create better jobs for Saudi nationals. As a way to support the country in achieving its tech-focused goals, Aramco have expressed keen interest in backing companies involved with drone technology as a way to expand the deep tech sector in the Kingdom.

The venture capital arm of Aramco

Wa'ed is the venture capital arm of Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Created by Aramco in 2011, Wa'ed provides loan financing, venture capital investment and incubation services to a number of startups. The company is located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. For more information, visit www.waed.net.

Reason for Funding

Terra Drone's technologyfocused on achievingthe Saudi Vision 2030

Terra Drone has been recognized by Drone Industry Insights, a leading drone global research company, as the top drone service provider in 2020. It is one of the largest drone service providers in the world with extensive experience in providing more than 3,000 survey and inspection services in 10 countries around the world. Terra Drone’s group company Unifly also has an impressive track record, being one of the top unmanned traffic management (UTM) system providers globally, and the No. 1 adopted system in Europe and United States.
The establishment of a Terra Drone subsidiary in the Kingdom not only enables Terra Drone to localize and develop the company, but to create jobs locally and through the use of drone inspections, contribute to increasing the efficiency of the oil industry, the main economic drive in Saudi Arabia.


Non-destructive testing forinfrastructure used inpetrochemical, shipping and otherindustries reduces cost and timeby 10%

Non-destructive testing forinfrastructure used inpetrochemical, shipping andother industries reducescost and time by 10%

From storage tanks and boilers, to tankers and decks, Terra Drone drone solutions improve inspection efficiency, enhance safety, and save time and money for inspections on a variety of equipment and infrastructure. We offer a wide range of drone inspection products and services centered on ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurement, including hardware and software development and inspection services.

Unmanned Traffic Management

Safe and effective platformfor drones and urban air mobility

Safe and effective platformfor drones and urban airmobility

We develop and create unmanned traffic management (UTM) platforms for drones and urban air mobility (UAM) systems and have successfully deployed UTM platforms in eight countries, all adopted at the national level. Currently, trials are ongoing for future implementation in Japan.


98% worktime reduction withproprietary LiDAR tech andlatest point cloud surveying

From hardware and software for Terra LiDAR to developing services, we provide a range of solutions to bring safe and effective surveying to the construction and civil engineering sectors. Our solutions also include surveying services based on the latest in 3D laser scanning and point cloud surveying technology.